End of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you moving out of a rental property ?

If you are coming to the end of  tenancy agreement on your flat or house  in Birmingham, you will find that part of your rental agreement is to leave the property in a clean condition,  specially carpets as this is the first place the Landlord looks.

Avoid fines and expensive agency or Landlord fees by arranging to having your carpets professional cleaned by us. The carpets will not only look better from having them professional cleaned, it will brighten and freshen the whole property.

Moving into a new property ?

When an old tenant moves out of a property they don’t always leave them as clean as a new tenant or home owner would expect. You maybe inheriting the carpets and furnishes in the property, but your certainly don’t want to be inherit the last tenants dust and dirt.

Our Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners are experienced in ensuring lived-in properties are given a thorough deep down clean throughout the premises, ensuring every inch of the property is left spotlessly clean and fresh.

Our Carpet Cleaning System & Solutions.

* Patented Van Mounted Machinery– Machinery so powerful it stops in side our van, no heavy machinery enters your home only the Operator with his cleaning wand and hose.
* We Supply Our Own Pre-heated Water– We don’t use all your hot water.
* We Take Away all Waste Water– All dirty waste water is extracted outside to our recovery tank inside our van which disposed of correctly.

* Bio degradable Environment friendly cleaning solutions.
* Professional, Certified, Insured Technicians
* Advanced Cleaning Technology * Green & Eco-Friendly * Non-toxic
* No Sticky Residue  * Non-resoling * Enzyme-free. * Bacteria-free. * Odourless. *   *Solvent-free * Safe for children and pets. * Safe Quiet System
* Our System is Recommended by over 50 Leading Carpet Manufactures

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