Commerical Carpet Cleaning


First Impressions count and dirty carpets don’t do any business any justice also the replacement cost of contract carpet is formidable, never mind the upheaval it would be to replace, so it makes good business sense to have the carpet cleaned on a regular basis as this will not only prolong the life of the carpets but will welcome your staff and visitors to a healthy clean environment.

Carpets that are Cleaned regularly can not only improve the overall appearance of your business but also prolong the life span of the carpets.

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

As we have invested heavily in training and the right equipment we can achieve a uniformed deep clean that large areas of commercial carpet require. Our van-mounted machinery that has the capability in cleaning large areas of commercial carpeting than other conventional portable systems on the market today.
Fast Effective and Caring
Many conventional cleaning systems require water to be supplied on site usually they are noisy and disruptive, some use flammable petrol to run which not only can be dangerous and noisy, if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction the fumes from the machine can drift in to the building.

Our system is van-mounted with the option of being portable. Using stored water which is preheated to exactly the right temperature. Similarly, all waste water is automatically returned to our waste tank which is inside our vehicle. Thus ensuring that all current legislation on waste disposal is adhered to. A major benefit in the operation is that only the operator and the cleaning hose need enter your premises, allowing us to clean carpets and upholstery with LESS NOISE AND LESS INCONVENIENCE than other systems

Careful attention to detail and minimum disruption forms the basis of the service that we provide, using highly trained and uniformed operators.

Let your staff and visitors and potential clients know that you care about them and the environment, contact our us today and arrange a no obligation consultancy.

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