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How many of us realise the important role carpet plays in improving the quality of our lifestyles? After all, carpet enhances the beauty of our homes and buildings and often determines how interiors are perceived.

Regardless of how much we do to try to keep our carpets clean, it’s inevitable that over the years stains, spillages and marks will appear.

Our Professional Carpet  Cleaning service will give your carpets a deep down clean, refreshing and restoring them with out wetting the carpet backing. We guarantee to provide the most extensive cleaning service possible and to leave your carpet looking just like new.

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We have invested over £20.000 in the right highly powered Van – Mounted Carpet Cleaning machine, Eco – friendly and quite we can clean larger areas more efficiently than other carpet cleaning  systems on the market, coupled with our highly qualified technicians we can give our clients a first class affordable service that’s hard to match.

Your carpets will stay cleaner, last longer, feel softer and more significant having your carpets cleaned with our system will help the air quality in your home.

Our Carpet Cleaning System & Solutions.

* Patented Van Mounted Machinery– Machinery so powerful it stops in side our van,
no heavy machinery enters your home only the Operator with his cleaning wand and hose.
* We Supply Our Own Pre-heated Water– We don’t use all your hot water.
* We Take Away all Waste Water– All dirty waste water is extracted outside to our recovery tank inside our van which disposed of correctly.
* Bio degradable Environment friendly cleaning solutions.
* Professional, Certified, Insured Technicians
* Advanced Cleaning Technology * Green & Eco-Friendly * Non-toxic
* No Sticky Residue  * Non-resoling * Enzyme-free. * Bacteria-free. * Odourless. *   *Solvent-free * Safe for children and pets. * Safe Quiet System
* Our System is Recommended by over 50 Leading Carpet Manufactures

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